Vice recently did an “Epicly Later’d” on Keith Hufnagel in three parts and here they are…

Part one of the series is a look back at Keith’s formative days in early 90s New York City. Before HUF, and before everyone and their grandma had a pair of weed socks, he was just a kid, busting his ass to get sponsored

In part two of Keith Hufnagel’s Epicly Later’d, Keith brings his East Coast style to the West. His combination of technical style and a unique ability to ollie big shit leads to a pro spot on Real Skateboards and eventually earns Keith a place on the DC Super Tour, where he sets out to conquer Europe.

In the finale of Keith Hufnagel’s Epicly Later’d episode, Keith juggles the responsibilities of pro skating and starting HUF—the brand that began as a backup plan, but took on a life of its own. He also looks back on some of the people who helped him most over the course of his career, and begins to do the same for the next generation of skaters.

adidas’s Fairfax Contest.

adidas is giving away a Benny Fairfax Skate Copa shirt to one lucky customer who spends R500 or more on adidas gear at Baseline.

Battle of the Benches 2014 – Match Rules.

The world Cup may have started yesterday but the real game starts tomorrow with adidas and Baseline’s Battle of the Benches.

1PM Kick-off at Civic Centre – City of Cape Town

Match rules below…

Click for the rules

BOTB Team Announcement.

Team Announcement_Page_1
Team Announcement_Page_2
Team Announcement_Page_3

Battle of the Benches 2014.

It’s that time of year and our benches are ready, it’s game on!

This year adidas and Baseline will host Battle of the Benches a little differently compared to the last two years, same concept but we’re pushing a World Cup vibe with England vs. Brazil themed benches.

The teams will be picked this week with all skaters from our local streets.                     (Not the DGK and Palace international teams in anyway)

Check out the flyer below and join us on Saturday, dress up in our favourite team’s colours and you could win some awesome prizes from adidas.

BOTB Emailer (1)


Today’s Forecast: High Chance of Trucks.

With what seemed like the longest drought in years, it looks like it’s finally over and the trucks have come, bringing in another prosperous skate season.

We’ve just received a massive shipment of Independent trucks in 139, 149, 159 and 169 also Venture trucks in 129 and 139.

Check out our selection over here!




Plankie Skateboards and Dope Industries collaboration video “CANNABEANS” will be premiering on Friday the 23rd of May 2014 at the German Club in Hope Street, Cape Town at 7pm

It features Craig Leak, Dylan Vaughan, Jansen van Staden, Joubert van Staden, JP du Preez, Charl “Skippy” Steyn, Alan Marola, Jimmy Wong, Seamus Casserley, Will Twala, Gary McNaughton and Kanya Spani

Nike SB Koston Sale!

We’ve got a pretty big selection of Nike SB Koston shoes on sale!

Click the picture below to see them on our online store!




Baseline is the first skate shop in South Africa to stock the slimmed down 837 and the skinny 827 Dickies trousers .

At R380 and R320 these are priced well for skateboarders.

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Skullcandy: Eric Koston Signature Series.

Untitled-1 Since turning pro in 1992, renowned funny guy Eric Koston’s impact on street skating is un-matched. Koston co-founded skateboarding’s leading contest site, the Berrics, with fellow Skullcandy athlete Steve Berra. Eric also founded Fourstar, one of the top clothing brands in the industry. Along with leading the trend in apparel, Eric’s passion for shoe design has manifested into instant classics with Es, Lakai, and most recently Nike. In skateboarding, Koston has brought home his fair share of X Games golds, Tampa Pro Title and was named Transworld’s top 5 Most Influential Skaters of All Time.

Baseline will be stocking this range exclusively in South Africa.

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We recently had a little competition that coincided with our sale where we asked you guys to use the CENSORED stickers we made in an Instagram using #BaselineSkateShop… These are the only people that entered.

The pic with the most “Likes” on the 30th of April wins the prize of a R1000 store voucher.

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1653703_597512233651013_1614924131_n A longtime staple in the world of skateboarding, éS has played a big part in advancing skateboarding footwear and apparel since its inception in 1995. With a strong team consisting of international skaters such as Bob Burnquist, Rick McCrank, Arto Saari, Tom Penny, Eric Koston and Ronnie Creager, the team delivered some striking footage in the breakthrough years from VHS videos onto the web. While éS shoes went into hiatus in 2011, with its parent company Soletech focusing more on projects with Emerica and Etnies, the brand officially announced its return in 2014 with 3 styles in 3 colours and now they’re available exclusively at Baseline!

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This past Saturday we saw a secret bowl, loads of Monster Energy drinks, beer for days, big airs, long grinds and some amazing tricks being pulled off in said bowl.

An event presented by Monster Energy and prizes by Volcom and Etnies had some of the best skaters taking the 30-40 minute drive to the secret location in the Cape Penisula.

Session and AV will de doing a full coverage in their next issues but we thought we’d pull some shots from Instagram #superbowlsa just in case you missed it.

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Converse CONS.

We just received our forth style from Converse CONS and this one is a classic black & white in the Kenny Anderson IIs.

Click on the images below and check them out on our online store.

Check out the edit Converse and Kenny Anderson did to celebrate the release of the KAII right at the bottom.

Nike SB Stefan Janoski CNVS Black White 4

Converse CONS – KA-II (Black/White)

Nike SB Stefan Janoski CNVS Black White 1

Converse CONS – KA-II (Camo)

Nike SB Stefan Janoski CNVS Black White 2

Converse CONS – KA-II (Black / Gum)



New RVCA Jackets in Store!


Skate Copa is a skateboarding story told through a football lens, and is adidas Skateboarding’s tribute to the brand’s football heritage.

As we head towards the summer and the inevitable months of football, adidas Skateboarding presents to you the Skate Copa collaboration; a collection inspired by football and the genuine football fanatics within our team.

Six jerseys have been created to represent six members of our team, their country, deck sponsor and of course their passion for football.

Benny Fairfax with Palace for England, Lucas Puig with Cliché for France, Mark Gonzales with Krooked for the USA, Raul Navarro with Western Edition for Spain, Rodrigo TX with DGK for Brazil and Lem Villemin with Cliché for Germany.

Baseline will be receiving two of the six jerseys in a very limited run.


“The inspiration is from the Brazilian football jerseys of the early 70s and the DGK logo with the hanging shoes was especially designed for this project by DGK. It’s pretty sick.” Rodrigo TX
Rodrigo’s jersey is made from a vintage plaited jersey fabric, which still functions today as it did then back in the 70’s.


“It’s a remake of the World Cup Jersey from 1966 when England won. The simple long-sleeved style is a classic and fits so well with the Palace logo. Why number 7? Well that’s for me to know!” Benny Fairfax
Benny’s Skate Copa Jersey has taken on the vintage England Jersey look and feel, even down to the plaited cotton jersey fabric.


CONS is Coming.

Converse introduced it’s skate collection back in 2009 and now it’s finally here in South Africa with 3 styles dropping this month.

We’ll let you all know when they arrive.


CONS CTAS Pro (Camo)


CONS KA-II (Black / Gum)



Converse Skate Ambassador Pontus Alv had the idea to make a little film about cruising around Paris with a jump ramp and a couple of plates, inspired by 1989 and the Converse CONS CTAS Pro Skate sneakers.

This era of skateboarding means so much as it was when street skating really broke though; it ripped out of California and spread around the world like wild fire. It created the foundation for what skateboarding is today.

This film is a celebration of that time. It inspired us. We hope it inspires you. Go build a jump ramp and explore.




Believe it or not, the Thrasher Magazine tour squad starts arriving in South Africa today! Following the South Africa article in their mag last month, Jake Phelps assembled a heavy crew and they are back. Grant Taylor, Raven Tershy, Ronnie Sandoval, Jake Phelps himself and more. Local photographer Sam Clark is their tour guide so they’ve certainly got a good inside man on the spot hunt.

Instagram pics confirm some of the crew checking-in to flights bound for our shores:


Grant Taylor


Jake Phelps


Raven Tershy

Follow these guys to see what they get up to when they touch down:

@downsouthinhell – Grant Taylor
@ronniesandoval_nfc – Ronnie Sandoval
@raventershy – Raven Tershy

Quick reminder of how these guys shred:




(We stole this post from Session, don't tell them)









Connectivity by Tahiti Pehrson.

Untitled-1Tahiti Pehrson spent his early years without electricity growing up in a bohemian artist household in Northern California. Art was a mode of entertainment without television or music and long hours were spent in nature and drawing. Influenced by the burgeoning skateboarding and punk scene of the mid Nineteen-eighties and later engaging in the San Francisco street art and graffiti culture of the late Nineties. Traveling Europe and China in search of art enrichment and later attending the San Francisco Art Institute as a painting major, Pehrson left after a year and a half. A practice of stencil-making and street art evolved into a more and more detailed practice of paper cutting two and three-dimensional works.

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Nike SB – Project B.A.


Nike SB’s and Brian Anderson’s Project B.A. is a runner-inspired silhouette designed specifically for skating. If you looked at the majority of the skate shoe market you’d be right to say Brian Anderson has come up with something completely out of left field. If anything the Project B.A. harks back to skate shoe designs of the late 90s early 2000s, there may even be a hint of inspiration from his pro model on the short-lived brand Savier.

You have to hand it to the SB team, they aren’t afraid of trying something different with their shoe designs. Look at the Janoski now one of the best selling shoes of all time but when it was first released people hadn’t really seen anything like it in the skate game. The same can be said of the Project B.A.

(Click on the images to check them out on our online store)